The Settlement Permit – Everything You Need to Know to Live in Germany Forever

With the settlement permit you can live in Germany forever and you will never have to extend your stay again. In this comprehensive article, we explain everything you need to know about the settlement permit. We show you which advantages you have with the settlement permit and which requirements you have to fulfill. In addition, you will receive important tips on how to apply and what to look out for. Finally, we additionally answer any questions we frequently receive from our clients.

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What is the settlement permit?

The settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence in Germany. With the settlement permit, you can legally reside in Germany forever. Once you have been granted a settlement permit, you can no longer be deported from Germany. In addition, your right of residence no longer has to be extended at the Aliens’ Registration Office.

The settlement permit is thus one of the most valuable residence rights. Most foreigners are not aware that temporary residence rights are only extended if, legally, the conditions for granting a new temporary residence right exist at the time the temporary residence expires.

What does settlement permit mean?

The settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence. This means that the settlement permit does not need to be extended. It is valid forever and you will never have to go to the immigration office again to extend your stay.
The word “Niederlassungserlaubnis” contains the two German words “Niederlassen” and “Erlaubnis”.

The first part “settling down” means that you arrive, stay and live in Germany. Germany becomes your new home.

The second part “permission” means that you get an approval, consent or simply said “yes”.

Together, the word “settlement permit” thus results in “consent: to live permanently in Germany”.

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What does settlement permit mean?

You will receive permission to settle in Germany forever! Since the settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence, it does NOT have to be extended. In addition, in principle, you can no longer be deported. Indefinite in this case means forever!

The settlement permit is a so-called residence status that is available to all citizens from countries that do not belong to the European Economic Area. You can find out which countries belong to the European Economic Area on Wikipedia. If you are not from the EU or not from Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, you can in principle obtain the settlement permit.

What am I allowed to do with a settlement permit?

The settlement permit expands your rights as a foreigner in Germany enormously. Legally, you will be placed almost on an equal footing with classical Germans or people who have already been naturalized. Whether in your professional or personal life, many of the restrictions, fears and anxieties you have without the settlement permit will be eliminated. Once you have received your settlement permit, you will have many opportunities in Germany. Whether the issue is naturalization, family reunification, credit eligibility, or employment. Only when you have the settlement permit will you understand how exhausting life was without a permanent right of residence. In particular, the regular difficult trip to the foreigners authority will no longer be necessary in the future.

The advantages of the settlement permit

The settlement permit is not just any right of residence, but the guarantee that you can stay in Germany forever. The fact that the settlement permit is permanent means that your right of residence no longer needs to be extended. Even if this advantage is known to most people, there are many other advantages if you are a holder of the settlement permit card.

  1. A secure and permanent residence
    The settlement permit is one of the best residence rights.
  2. Easier to obtain German citizenship (German passport)
    It is much easier to be naturalized with the settlement permit.
  3. Without the settlement permit, naturalization is partially impossible
    There are temporary residence rights that prohibit naturalization (student visas, deportation ban, etc.).
  4. Simplified family reunification
    The settlement permit makes it significantly easier for you to bring your family to Germany.
  5. Finally you can take out loans
    Loans allow you to make larger investments, such as buying a house.
  6. Free to enter and leave Germany whenever you want
    Finally, you are allowed to travel to any country in the world, including your home country.
  7. Working legally in Germany and abroad
    They can change their job or start a business without any problems.
  8. The permission is not bound to any purpose
    The settlement permit does not simply lapse when studies, training or marriage ends.
  9. Planning security for the future
    A great advantage lies in the future prospects that you receive with the settlement permit.
  10. No more appointments at the foreigners authority
    With a permanent residence status, you are largely spared the need to go to the Aliens’ Registration Office.
  11. No more fear of deportations
    With very special exceptions, the settlement permit cannot be taken away from you again.

You can learn more and more detailed explanations in our blog post 9 Advantages of the Settlement Permit or in the following video:

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Prerequisite settlement permit

In order to obtain the settlement permit, you must meet very many requirements. The requirements you must meet depend on the legal basis under which it can or must be applied for. In principle, the requirements for the issuance of a settlement permit are based on the Residence Act. If no special regulations apply to you, you must apply for a settlement permit in accordance with § 9 of the Residence Act.

General requirements according to § 9 Residence Act

You can read the legal requirements directly in the law in § 9 AufenthG. Since the requirements are sometimes very complicated for a layman to understand, we have simplified the most important requirements for you below:

  1. You must have lived in Germany for 5 years.
  2. You must be financially integrated, i.e. you must earn your living from your own resources.
  3. You must have made provisions for your old age.
  4. In principle, they must not have a criminal record.
  5. They must be culturally integrated, i.e. they must be able to prove that they speak German by means of a language certificate and have completed an integration course “Test Living in Germany”.
  6. You must have a valid passport or passport replacement.

We have deliberately not mentioned all requirements with all exceptions at this point. Otherwise the article would be too complex and technical. To find out right away if you are eligible for the settlement permit, simply take our free test. Here you can find out in just 2 minutes whether you can obtain the settlement permit.

When do I get the settlement permit?
We check for you according to which legal regulation you can obtain the settlement permit the fastest and easiest way. Let us advise you!

How can I obtain a settlement permit more easily and quickly?

There are a number of special regulations that enable you to obtain a settlement permit more quickly and under simpler conditions.

Special regulations

In addition to Section 9 of the Residence Act, the Residence Act provides for a total of 12 eligibility criteria for the granting of a settlement permit. Now you need to determine which claim basis is best for you.

  • § 18c para. 1 (Professionals),
  • § 18c para. 2 (EU Blue Card holder),
  • § 18c para. 3 (highly skilled professionals),
  • § 19c para. 4 (Officials),
  • § 21 para. 4 (Self-employed),
  • § 23 para. 2 (Recording programs),
  • § 26 para. 3 (persons entitled to asylum and CSF refugees),
  • § 26 para. 4 (beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and ban on deportation)
  • § 28 para. 2 (family members of Germans),
  • § 31 para. 3 (independent right of residence of foreign spouses),
  • § 35 (foreigners raised in the Federal territory) and
  • § 38 para. 1 p. 1 no. 1 (former Germans)

In detail, the requirements differ greatly depending on the respective basis of entitlement that applies to you. Depending on your eligibility, you may be able to obtain a settlement permit in less than 2 years.

For better comprehensibility, we have created an overview from which you can see which requirements you must fulfill depending on the relevant basis of entitlement. We have only included the most important claim bases in the chart.

Basis of claimResidence timesLivelihood securedPension insurance contributionsLanguage certificate
§9 Residence Act5 years100%60 monthsB1
§18c para. 1 S.14 years100%48 monthsB1
§18c para. 1 S.22 years100%24 monthsB1
§18c para. 2 S.133 months100%33 monthsA2
§18c para. 2 S.321 months100%21 monthsB1
§ 213 years100%0 monthsA1
§26 para. 3 S. 15 years51%0 monthsA2
§26 para. 3 S. 33 years75%0 monthsC1
§26 par. 45 years100%60 monthsB1
§28 par. 23 years100%0 monthsB1
§35 para. 1 S. 15 years0%0 monthsB1
§35 para. 1 S. 25 years100%0 monthsB1


In addition to the many special regulations, there are also many other exceptions that make it even easier for certain people to obtain a settlement permit.

a) Exemptions for sick and disabled people

In § 9 para. 2 sentence 2, 6 Residence Act, you will be exempt from certain requirements if you can prove that you are disadvantaged because of a physical, mental or psychological illness or because of a disability. In that case, you do not have to meet the following requirements:

  • Subsistence does not have to be secured from own resources
  • No 60 contributions to pension insurance required
  • No presentation of a language certificate
  • No presentation of an integration test “Living in Germany
b) Exemption for spouses or life partners

In addition, spouses and life partners can obtain a settlement permit under simpler conditions. This is stipulated in § 9 para. 3 sentence 1 Residence Act. In this context, one exception is particularly valuable. For the spouse or life partner, it is sufficient if only one person meets the following requirements:

  • 60 Contributions made to the pension insurance scheme
c) Exemption for pupils, trainees and students

Furthermore, there is a very interesting exemption for pupils, students and trainees. This exception can be found in § 9 para. 3 sentence 2 AufenthG. This group of persons is exempt from the following requirement:

  • No 60 contributions to pension insurance required
d) Exemption from the receipt of state benefits.

In the vast majority of cases, when applying for a settlement permit, you must prove that you are able to support yourself from your own resources. As a result, you may not receive government benefits. However, there are a total of 7 exceptions to this, which are listed in § 2 para. 3 Residence Act are regulated. Even if you receive the following government benefits, you can still apply for the settlement permit:

  • Child benefit
  • Child supplement
  • Parenting Benefit
  • Parenting Benefit
  • BAföG (as a student) and BAB (as a trainee)
  • Public funds that enable the stay in the federal territory
  • Benefits under the Advance Maintenance Payments Act
e) Derogation: No integration test necessary

Before the settlement permit is issued, it must be proven in almost all cases that you are culturally integrated. You must prove this by taking the so-called “Living in Germany” test. However, the legislator in § 9 para. 1 sentence 5 AufenthG also created exceptions for this. You do not need an integration test in the following cases if you can communicate orally in German in a simple way and:

  • in case of recognizably low need for integration ( § 44 Abs. 3 Nr. 2 AufenthG)
  • Participation in the integration test is permanently impossible or unreasonable (§ 44a para. 3 no. 3 AufenthG)

Free test for the settlement permit

You do not know whether and under what conditions you can obtain the settlement permit? According to which regulation do you have to apply for the settlement permit now? We have a solution for that!

We recommend at this point our free test to complete it. If you are eligible for the settlement permit, you will receive a free consultation after the test, in which we will examine in detail how you can most quickly and easily obtain the settlement permit and what requirements you must meet.

When do I get the settlement permit?
We check for you according to which legal regulation you can obtain the settlement permit the fastest and easiest way. Let us advise you!

Application for settlement permit: How do I get the settlement permit now?

If you meet the requirements, extensive legal steps are necessary to obtain the settlement permit.

Settlement Permit Requirements 2022

Below you will learn what steps are necessary to obtain the settlement permit in 2022. Every few years, the legal requirements change. If you currently meet all the requirements, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. A new change in the law may at any time cause you to no longer meet the requirements. The first step is to find out according to which basis of entitlement the settlement permit should be applied for. Unfortunately, the immigration office does not always choose the most favorable alternative for you.

Application for settlement permit

First of all, you must submit an application for a settlement permit to your aliens’ registration office. In addition, you must ensure that you have proof of receipt of the application at the relevant immigration office. Unfortunately, very many foreigners in Germany do not submit the application, but are only advised by the Foreigners’ Registration Office. In that case, you will often receive the answer that the settlement permit cannot be applied for yet, although you already meet the requirements now or in a short time.

In this case, you will not receive a decision from the Foreigners’ Registration Office stating the reasons for the rejection of the application. If the employee at the Foreigners’ Registration Office is mistaken, you will not receive it, although you are entitled to it.

This means that you have the right to an unlimited right of residence and yet you do not receive it.

Written application for settlement permit

As a rule, you should submit the application for a settlement permit in writing. In addition, you should have the Aliens’ Registration Office confirm in writing when the application was received. This will ensure that you have proof of application. If the Foreigners Authority has not processed the case over a longer period of time (at least 3 months), you can have the Foreigners Authority obligated to do so by filing an action for failure to act before the competent administrative court.

Several foreigners authorities in Germany, such as the Berlin Foreigners Authority, have linked the application for a settlement permit on their pages.

Unfortunately, application procedures are not uniform across the many hundreds of immigration authorities. The documents you need to fill out are also very different. Many foreigners authorities have the following document on their homepage:

  • Settlement Permit Application PDF

The application document is also not uniformly named. The most common names for it are:

  • Request PDF
  • Settlement Permit PDF
  • Application for settlement permit PDF

As a first step, we recommend that you visit the homepage of your foreigners authority and download the application. In any case, you should read the application in advance once in detail, because in that case you already know what documents you need. Unfortunately, there are also many immigration authorities that do not provide the application online. In that case, you can make an appointment at the Foreigners’ Registration Office and have the application handed over to you.

Online application settlement permit

In addition, some foreigners authorities in Germany now offer the option of applying for a settlement permit online. Since 2021, for example, the Hamburg Foreigners Authority has offered the option of submitting the application for a settlement permit online. This has the great advantage that you can prove that you made the request. In addition, the processing times are regularly shorter in this case.

Submit documents settlement permit

After the application is submitted, you will need to submit numerous documents in copy and/or original. Which documents these are in detail depends strongly on the basis of entitlement according to which the settlement permit can or must be applied for. As a rule, the following documents are necessary:

  • Residence permit
  • Employment contract
  • Wage statements
  • Employer confirmation
  • Tax assessment, business evaluation and certificate from tax advisor
  • Training contract
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Debt, interim and final certificates
  • Pension notifications from the German pension insurance
  • Language certificate
  • Test “Living in Germany
  • Rental agreement
  • Landlord confirmation
  • Proof of rent payment (bank statement)
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Certificate that you do not receive any benefits from the state (social welfare, ALG I and II, housing benefit)
  • Simple and extended certificate of registration
  • Passport or passport replacement
  • Proof of identity such as birth certificate, family book, register entry

Some immigration authorities not only want the documents mentioned above, but quite a few more as well. In our experience, many foreigners in Germany do not receive the settlement permit only because it is not possible for you to submit all documents completely to the Foreigners’ Registration Office. In our blog post Settlement Permit – What documents are needed, you will learn everything about the documents in the application process.

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What does the decision depend on?

Basically, the decision depends on whether you meet all the requirements. If you meet all the requirements and have handed over the documents completely, the permanent right of residence can be granted.

Problems often arise because the legislator has not clearly regulated all the requirements. There are numerous regulations where it is disputed whether they are fulfilled or not. For example, it is not clear in the law whether you need a fixed-term or an open-ended employment contract. Specialized lawyers can prove with recent rulings that fixed-term employment contracts are sufficient.

In addition, there are conditions where the foreigners authority has discretion. In the case of students, the Aliens’ Registration Office must usually make a prognosis decision as to whether you will be able to support yourself permanently in Germany from your own resources. There is no right or wrong in this prediction of the future. The better the justification for the prognosis decision, the higher the probability that the Foreigners’ Registration Office will grant you the settlement permit.

Who decides on the settlement permit?

After the immigration authorities have received your complete application with all the necessary documents, the person responsible for you will first decide whether the settlement permit will be granted. If the application is rejected, an appeal procedure can be carried out in some federal states. In this case, legally trained personnel usually check whether the decision in the application procedure was correct or incorrect. If you sue for a settlement permit before the competent administrative court due to the rejection, a judge will decide on the merits of your application.

Which biometric data must be submitted

After your application has been received, all documents have been checked for completeness and there are no legal objections to the issuance of the settlement permit, you will usually receive an appointment for the issuance of the settlement permit within 1-12 months. In the appointment you will need to provide a biometric passport photo, your fingerprints and a personal signature.

When will I receive the settlement permit?

a) Settlement permit processing time

In our experience, the application process takes about 6 – 18 months, depending on the foreigners authority. In the case of smaller foreigners authorities, the procedure times are generally shorter; in the case of very large foreigners authorities, the procedure length is highly dependent on the department responsible, but takes significantly longer due to the enormous overload.

If the application procedure is carried out with a lawyer for aliens law who has sufficient experience, the length of the procedure is usually 2-6 months. The background is that the lawyer can file an action for failure to act after 3 months and usually does.

b) How long does the printing of the settlement permit card take?

After the settlement permit has been issued, only the settlement permit card must be produced by the Federal Printing Office. Experience shows that it takes about 4-8 weeks for the card to be printed and delivered.

What does the settlement permit cost

If all requirements are met and the permanent right of residence is granted, fees will be charged by the Aliens Department. These fees are principally regulated in § 44 Residence Ordinance.

a) How much is the fee for the foreigners authority

The fees for the issuance of the settlement permit are usually between 113.00 euros and 147.00 euros.

  • for highly qualified 147,00 Euro
  • for self-employed 124,00 Euro
  • for all others 113,00 Euro

b) Who is exempt from the fee

In addition, there are several constellations in which you are exempt from the fees. The regulation on this can be found in particular in § 52 AufenthV. The exemption from fees applies in particular to:

  • Persons entitled to asylum, beneficiaries of international protection (refugee status and subsidiary protection) and resettlement refugees

Settlement permit application: Our conclusion

As you can see, it is sometimes very complicated to obtain the settlement permit. For even more detailed information, read everything about the application process in our blog post Applying for a settlement permit – What to look for in your application.

Your application for the settlement permit was rejected

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that your application is rejected. This is usually justified by the fact that not all requirements are met. In our experience, approximately 50% of all rejections are unlawful. In this respect, it is worthwhile to have it checked whether you are entitled to be granted a settlement permit. The quickest way to find out if you can obtain a permanent right of residence is to take our free test.

If your application has been rejected, there are basically two ways in which you can still obtain the settlement permit.

Appeal against the rejection notice

In any case, you can appeal or file a lawsuit against the decision of the Foreigners’ Registration Office. Whether an official objection procedure is permissible first or whether you must file a lawsuit directly with the competent administrative court depends on the respective federal state in which you have filed your application. An appeal instruction is attached at the end of the rejection notice. This will tell you within what time you may file the appeal, which appeal (opposition or lawsuit) is the correct one, and where the appeal must be filed.

New application for the issuance of the settlement permit

Of course, there is always the possibility to simply submit a new application. However, there are a few things to keep in mind here. The problem with a new application within the same foreigners authority is that, in case of doubt, the same case worker will decide on your case. It is rather unrealistic that they will come to a different conclusion and grant you a settlement permit. A new application makes sense in most cases, especially if you submit the application to a different foreigners authority due to moving to a different city.

Our recommendation

If you have received a rejection notice, we recommend that you first have it checked whether you actually meet all the requirements for the granting of a settlement permit. You can check this very easily and uncomplicatedly in the first step through our free test.

No more appointments at the immigration office
With the settlement permit, annoying appointments and tedious waiting times at the Foreigners' Registration Office are a thing of the past!

If you get a positive test result, we will provide you with a free consultation. During the phone call, they will check in detail whether all your information was correct and whether you actually meet all the requirements for the settlement permit. If you then decide to instruct our lawyers, in that case the lawyer will check whether it is better to file an objection or a lawsuit or whether it is faster to file a new application directly.

10 reasons why foreigners authorities wrongly do not grant the settlement permit

Unfortunately, applications from foreigners authorities are rejected unjustly time and again. This happens over and over again because the foreigners authority checks inaccurately or applies the wrong basis of entitlement to you. The 10 most common reasons why the settlement permit is wrongly not granted are:

  1. Pension insurance contributions are wrongly requested or incorrectly calculated.
  2. BAMF revocation procedure has ended, but is not known to the Aliens Department.
  3. Security check is completed but not known to the immigration authority.
  4. Students must provide proof of income and pension payments despite legal exemption.
  5. Trainees must provide proof of income and pension insurance payments despite legal exemption.
  6. The Aliens Department wrongly rejects simplified eligibility criteria.
  7. The settlement permit is not granted because the income was calculated incorrectly.
  8. The application is not processed or not decided because of Corona.
  9. The settlement permit is not issued because the temporary right of residence is still valid for more than 12 months.

Please also have a look at our YouTube video.

Is the settlement permit as a residence title really unlimited?

Again and again we are asked whether the settlement permit is now granted for an unlimited period or only for a limited period. This question is completely justified and results from the fact that an expiration date is noted on the settlement permit card.

It is incredibly important to understand what the difference is between a temporary right of residence and the permanent settlement permit. First, you should understand why you should not hesitate another day if you can get the permanent settlement permit already now. The reason is that when temporary residence rights are granted, all requirements and evidence must be provided again after the expiration of the time limit in order to obtain a new temporary residence right. This does not apply to the settlement permit! There is no re-examination and no evidence is required for the settlement permit card to be extended.

On the other hand, you need to know the few exceptions how you can lose the settlement permit again, although the settlement permit is unlimited.

Why does the settlement permit card have an expiration date if it is a permanent right of residence?

Many foreigners in Germany believe that the settlement permit is only a temporary right of residence because there is an expiration date on the settlement permit card.

The expiration date does not mean that your permanent settlement permit loses its validity. Her right of residence was granted by the Aliens Department for an indefinite period. The settlement permit as a right of residence is and remains valid. In the present case, it is only a question of extending the settlement permit card as an identity document.

How long is settlement permit card valid?

At the latest after 10 years, but mostly already after 4 years, your settlement permit card must be extended. Almost all identity documents in Germany have to be renewed at regular intervals. Even when extending the settlement permit card, it is only ensured that you can identify yourself in Germany with a current biometric photo. Don’t worry, there is no legal examination when extending the settlement permit card, nor do you have to hand over extensive documents for the extension to the foreigners authority.

General information about the settlement permit card

If you have been granted a settlement permit by the competent foreigners authority, you will receive written confirmation of this. Immediately thereafter, the foreigners authority prints the so-called settlement permit card, the so-called electronic residence title (eAT), at the Federal Printing Office. After completion, the settlement permit card is usually sent to you by mail. In some cases, the settlement permit card must be picked up in person at the Foreigners’ Registration Office. The settlement permit card or the so-called eAT (electronic residence permit) can theoretically be used for official services via the Internet. For example, you will be able to use it to re-register online at the residents’ registration office. You do not have to use the online ID function, as it is voluntary.

What does a settlement permit card look like?

The settlement permit card is a plastic card in credit card format.

The card contains an electronic storage medium (chip) on which various personal data, biometric characteristics and ancillary provisions are stored. The following information is regularly included on your card:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Photo
  • Fingerprints

How can the settlement permit be revoked?

You have already learned that the settlement permit is valid for all time. However, there are some constellations in which you can lose your settlement permit.

  • You travel abroad for too long
  • You are committing a serious offence

How long can you stay abroad with a settlement permit?

Unfortunately, very many holders of the settlement permit do not know that you automatically lose the unlimited right of residence if you leave Germany for more than 6 months at a time. This even applies if you are only going on a world trip or are abroad for more than 6 months for professional reasons. The Residence Act clearly states that in this case you will lose your settlement permit. This is literally stated in § 51 para. 1 sentence 1 no. 8 AufenthG:

“[…] if the alien has left and has not re-entered within six months or a longer period determined by the aliens’ authority […].”

Please do not travel abroad for more than 6 months at a time.

What do you have to consider if you are abroad for more than 6 months?

Of course, there are reasons why you may need or want to travel abroad for longer than 6 months at a time. If you follow the two tips below, you can also travel abroad for much longer.

You already know before leaving the country that you will be traveling abroad for more than 6 months

In that case, before leaving the country, inform the Aliens’ Registration Office that you will be traveling abroad for more than 6 months. You must provide the Aliens’ Registration Office with detailed reasons why you will be abroad for more than 6 months. Be sure to get written confirmation from the immigration office that you are allowed to stay abroad for more than 6 months. The written confirmation must state that the settlement permit does not expire in this case. In addition, a date should be given by which departure is allowed without losing the settlement permit.

You realize during the stay abroad that you will stay abroad for more than 6 months

There can be very many reasons why you realize during your stay abroad that you will be abroad for more than 6 months. Be sure to indicate to the Aliens’ Registration Office as clearly as possible before the expiration of the 6-month period why you need to stay abroad longer. In this case, too, the foreigners authority must confirm the extension in writing. A phone call is in no case sufficient! In particular, the content of the phone call is not verifiable!

If you notice a few days or even on the day of departure that you will not re-enter the country before the 6-month period expires, contact the Aliens Department immediately by phone and in writing. First explain the reasons for the extended stay abroad by phone and then send the reasons again by e-mail, fax or even express mail. In this case, we recommend to immediately hire a lawyer, who in this case will justify the extended stay in detail with evidence and send it by fax with a lawyer’s acknowledgement of receipt.

When does the Aliens Department allow an extended stay abroad of more than 6 months?

First of all, as a rule, these reasons must be documented with written evidence. The mere assertion is especially ineffective if you inform the foreigners authority about the extended stay abroad only shortly before the expiration of the 6 months. The main reasons are:

  • Inability to travel due to illness
  • Serious family reasons abroad (death; serious accident; serious illness of family members abroad).
  • Re-entry already rejected abroad, e.g. due to quarantine
  • Passport loss abroad
  • and many more

How can I get back the settlement permit?

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that the settlement permit was lost because the 6-month period was exceeded without prior consent. As soon as you realize that the 6 months have expired, contact an attorney immediately. Under no circumstances should you make statements without legal advice, without having checked them legally. In this case, the lawyer will check what possibilities and evidence can be provided in order to get back the settlement permit.

When can the settlement permit be revoked in other cases?

Even though the settlement permit is basically an unlimited right of residence, there are other ways in which you can lose it. This applies in particular if you commit serious crimes in Germany (for example, murder). In this case, the settlement permit is usually revoked immediately. In this case, recovery is generally possible after 10 years at the earliest.

You still have questions?
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FAQ – The most important questions and answers about the settlement permit

The settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence. With the settlement permit, you can legally reside in Germany forever. Once you have been granted a settlement permit, you can no longer be deported from Germany. In addition, your right of residence no longer has to be extended at the Aliens’ Registration Office. Only the card must be renewed every 4 – 10 years.

Yes. Legally, there are no longer any reasons why you cannot travel to your home country. For refugees in particular, travel to the home country is no longer prohibited, as you no longer have a right of residence on humanitarian grounds.

In principle, you can travel to all countries. However, the Aliens Department will not issue you a national passport. If you do not have a valid national passport or a valid passport replacement, you will be allowed to travel abroad, but entering and leaving a non-EU country will be practically impossible. In case of passport problems, it is recommended to apply for naturalization (German passport) as soon as possible.

Children can obtain the settlement permit from the age of 16 under very simple conditions. Before the age of 16, the issuance of the settlement permit is not possible. If your children are younger than 16, you should check whether your children can be naturalized. This is already possible with the birth, as far as all prerequisites according to the Nationality Act are present.

As long as you are at least 16 years old, you can receive the settlement permit if all requirements are met.

In principle, you can obtain the settlement permit. As a rule, trainees and students can also obtain a settlement permit if their livelihood is secured, for example, by BAföG or BAB and no or too few pension insurance contributions have been paid.

It depends. If you have been sentenced to a fine of more than 90 daily rates or to imprisonment, the issuance of the settlement permit is regularly possible only after 5-10 years.

Yes! There are no longer any residence law concerns in the case.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

New law for tolerance permit (Duldung) !

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On Wednesday, 19.10.2022 at 18:00 o’clock the German Bundestag decides on a law so that tolerated foreigners in Germany get a right of residence faster. Attorney Fabian Graske comments in this livestream for Migrando if and when the law comes into force.

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