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What is the settlement permit?

The settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence and offers many advantages. Learn everything you need to know about “permanent residence” in Germany in our video series.

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We know how important it is for you to get the permanent residence permit. That’s why we want to actively support you in this! Our attorneys know exactly what is involved in the application process and have experience in communicating with the authorities.

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Unfortunately, not every foreigner in Germany is entitled to a settlement permit. Therefore, we have created an extensive online test in which we check the most important requirements online. If you receive a positive test result, you can arrange a free consultation with our experts. In this context, the results of the free test will be examined again in order to decide whether the settlement permit should be applied for in your case. Until that time, the entire Migrando service is free of charge to you.

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Not every foreigner has the chance to get a settlement permit. With our free test, you will know in just one minute whether it makes sense to apply.

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Our attorneys know exactly what steps are necessary for you to obtain your settlement permit as quickly as possible. Since we have conducted hundreds of application procedures, we know almost all the problems in the application process and know the solutions.

We enforce your right

Without lawyers, many applications for settlement permits are wrongly rejected.

We help you to reliably enforce your rights!

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All applications, appeals and lawsuits are handled exclusively by German law firms. Without German lawyers, your chances of success are significantly lower and the waiting time is enormously long.

Experts in aliens law

Aliens law is complicated! Without a tremendous amount of experience, your applications will be rejected time and time again. Our German lawyers have already helped thousands of clients in the field of immigration law.

Personal contact

A German lawyer is available to answer your questions, to handle the application for the settlement permit and to help you with any problems.

Since 2017, we have been able to help more than 2,500 foreigners.

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Khalif since 2014 in Germany

"Thanks to this great team, my application is finally being processed.... I just wish I would have found you guys sooner.... I will recommend your work to others"

Abdul since 2015 in Germany

"I was helped super quickly and competently. I am so happy to finally have the settlement permit. I am glad I found Migrando, everything was explained to me and today I have my permit. Thank you very much"

Asifa since 2015 Germany

"I had to worry about almost nothing and am very grateful for their professional help. I was told everything and always helped. Thanks to you, the eternal wait for feedback was over. This team knows what it is doing. Kudos!"

Yousef since 2015 in Germany

"At first we were a little skeptical... it would have been too good to be true. But everything went smoothly. Information about the current status was provided regularly. Only recommendable."

Mohamed since 2015 in Germany

"Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you very much, I now have an asylum decision. I will ask for your help again for the settlement permit. Everything went very orderly and I felt like I was in good hands."

Omar since 2015 in Germany

"I now know who to turn to when I need help. Always I just had to wait, wait, wait. I didn't think it could be that snappy."

Amar since 2013 in Germany

"Very good!!! Thank you. Everything super explained and always got a very quick answer. You could never expect something like this from the foreigners authority. You have told me exactly what I need and how I can get my settlement permit as quickly as possible. You have saved me a lot of effort."

fatima since 2013 in Germany

"Just mega great! Everything is taken care of, no endless hassle with authorities not responding and no uncertainty about my process. I am just grateful that this portal exists!!l"

Emad since 2013 in Germany

"Super work... Relatives of mine have used their service, everything top notch.... Keep up the good work dear team!"

Lawyer Fabian Graske

Expertise in aliens law

Migrando consists of a network of experts with German lawyers who are well versed in immigration law. One of them is lawyer Fabian Graske, with whom Migrando has been working for the longest time. He has been working intensively on immigration law since 2016. His law firm has already been able to help thousands of foreigners and refugees obtain residence titles such as settlement permits in Germany.

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You don’t have to pay the entire price at once. We offer you the possibility of payment by installments. Because we don’t want your permanent residence permit to fail because of money. A secure residence is the basis for your future in Germany.

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This is how easy we help you to get the settlement permit.


Select one of our services and book it directly online.

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After booking you will be redirected to our customer area. There you only have to fill in some information about yourself, so that we can contact the responsible foreigners authority directly.

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Our German lawyers will keep you informed about the status of the proceedings at all times. You don't have to do anything else yourself - we'll take care of it!

5 reasons

Why you should apply for your settlement permit as early as possible?

Since 2015, more than 2 million people have come to Germany. From 2021 at least 500,000 people will be entitled to the settlement permit. The result will be that the foreigners authorities will be completely overloaded. We experienced exactly the same thing first in 2015 at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and then, starting in 2017, at the German administrative courts.

In some cases, asylum procedures no longer took 3 months, but between 2 and 5 years. If you submit your application before the wave of applications begins, you increase the chance that you will receive your settlement permit before the chaos at the immigration authorities. Much faster than all the others!

If our lawyer submits the application for settlement permit in writing, it is ensured that the foreigners authority opens the application procedure. From this moment your application must be processed within 3 months. Should the Foreigners Authority remain inactive within this period, the law firm threatens an action for failure to act pursuant to Section 75 of the Administrative Court Code.

Without a lawyer’s application for a settlement permit, we repeatedly experience that foreigners authorities verbally reject the application, which means that the 3-month period does not begin to run. This can delay the period until you receive the settlement permit by years.

This procedure ensures that the Foreigners Authority does not remain inactive and decides on your application, as otherwise the Foreigners Authority must expect an action for failure to act.

In Germany, there is not one Foreigners Authority, but pretty much every larger municipality has its own Foreigners Authority. The requirements to be met differ enormously in some cases due to official administrative regulations. Some immigration authorities require very many and extensive documentary proofs.

The sooner the application is made, the sooner you will have certainty as to what documentation is required. If you do not apply until all requirements have been met, you will lose valuable time due to the length of the application process and risk having requirements dropped again.

You may not yet meet all the requirements to obtain the settlement permit.

If you have tested positive for Migrando, you are assured that the essential requirements have been met. If, in addition, you still have to complete an integration course, for example, then you can book a course as soon as possible and submit this requirement later.

This ensures that you will receive the settlement permit as soon as all requirements have been met and documents have been submitted and checked. Due to the length of the application, you otherwise risk that the requirements will not be met after the application has been submitted and that you will not receive the settlement permit.

In particular, long procedural times or applications submitted too late repeatedly lead to foreigners not being granted a settlement permit because the requirements are subsequently not met.

If you have come to Germany as a refugee and have received an asylum decision from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the BAMF must inform the foreigners authority whether the conditions for revoking or withdrawing the asylum decision have been met.

In practice, this requirement regularly delays the issuance of the settlement permit by months. The responsible foreigners authorities make the request, but the BAMF usually does not respond.

In this respect, it is also very useful to submit the application even if you have not yet received the notification from the BAMF. This can also be submitted later as part of the application process.

Frequently asked questions

Information on the settlement permit

The settlement permit is an unlimited residence title in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Therefore, it is also the most important residence permit. If you have the settlement permit, you are allowed to live and work in Germany forever. You no longer have to go to the Aliens’ Registration Office and you do not have to submit any further applications. The settlement permit gives you almost the same rights as a German citizen.

There are a variety of requirements that you must meet in order to receive a settlement permit. These requirements vary greatly in part because they depend on yourPerson. For example, the better your education is, the easier it is to obtain the settlement permit.

The most important criteria that apply to all are

  • the period of legal residence in Germany,
  • a regular income,
  • the language level and knowledge about the German society.

You can find all the requirements here.

Currently, without migrando, the processing of the application for the settlement permit takes about 12 – 18 months. We anticipate that as of June 2021, the application period will take approximately 18-36 months. Therefore, we recommend to file the application as soon as possible, so that you already receive a file number at your competent foreigners authority and the case is processed as soon as possible. Of course, this only applies if the free test was positive for you.

First of all, it is necessary to submit a written application for a settlement permit. This application must be accompanied by extensive evidence and documents. As far as the Foreigners Authority has received all documents, an extensive examination procedure takes place. In addition, the Foreigners Authority is required to contact numerous security authorities in addition to the BAMF. Due to the fact that it is an unlimited right of residence, the examination requirements are very strict and extensive.

If you hire Migrando, our German lawyers will handle the entire application process. In this way, you avoid discussions and enormous effort with the responsible offices and authorities, i.e. in particular foreigners authorities, BAMF, security authorities, job centers, German pension insurance, employers, landlords, and others.

Attention, act now!

Starting in 2021 hundreds of thousands of people will apply for settlement permits. Among them are many refugees who came to Germany during the so-called refugee crisis in 2015 and 2016. The more applications that are submitted, the longer it takes to process them. After the chaos at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, there is a threat of a wave of overload in the foreigners authorities.

We therefore recommend that you submit your application with the help of a lawyer as soon as possible, so that you can avoid the wave of applications and do not have to wait many months for your certificate of establishment.

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