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What do I have to consider as an international student in Germany?

The following tips are designed to ensure that you avoid mistakes as much as possible as a foreign student. This will allow you to fully concentrate on your studies and prevent any problems with German authorities. Table of contents What are the most common mistakes

Personen zeigen deutschen Pass nach Einbürgerung

Naturalization – How to finally become a German citizen

With naturalization, you finally receive German citizenship and a German passport. In this comprehensive article, we explain everything you need to know about naturalization. We show you what advantages you have with naturalization and what requirements you must meet. Naturalization is a long and complicated

When do I NOT need a language certificate?

The German language level B1 is already proven if: Summary 1. School attendance in Germany If you have attended a German-speaking school, you do not need a B1 language certificate under the following conditions: 1.1 Four years of teaching at a German-speaking school A German

How do I get a language certificate?

A prerequisite for their settlement permit is sufficient knowledge of the German language. The easiest way to prove this is with the help of a recognized language certificate of the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 and C2. Where they can take which exam,

Will I get a settlement permit despite having a criminal record?

The settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence for eternity, which means that you may live in Germany forever. Before issuing a settlement permit, Germany wants to ensure that only those foreigners who comply with German laws are granted a permanent right of residence.

Settlement permit – What documents are needed?

A settlement permit offers you many advantages. We at migrando have therefore made it our business to assist you in applying for this important permanent residence title. In today’s post, we’ve summarized what documents you need for a settlement permit and why. Summary Settlement permit

Test – Living in Germany – Naturalization Test

The test “Living in Germany” (naturalization test) serves as proof of knowledge of the legal and social order and living conditions in Germany. All information about the test such as costs, procedure and duration as well as the 300 questions and answers can be found

German A1, B1 or B2 – Which language certificate do I need?

A prerequisite for being allowed to work, study and/or live permanently in Germany is almost always sufficient knowledge of the German language. The easiest way to prove this is with the help of a recognized language certificate of the levels A1,A2,B1,B2,C1 and C2. In this

Permanent residence permit in Germany

We explain when and how you can apply for the permanent residence permit. This is because an unlimited residence title not only entitles you to remain in Germany permanently, but also brings many other advantages for you and your family. Summary Permanent residence permit –

Settlement permit for refugees

Have you come to Germany as a refugee and received a positive asylum decision from the BAMF? If you have “Refugee status” and 3 years Residency, we will explain in this blog post how and when you will get the Settlement Permit. Summary When will

Subsidiary protection and settlement permit

IMPORTANT: This blog post is only suitable for you if you entered Germany as a minor and received a right of residence, e.g. a positive asylum decision (compare picture gallery). Summary You are still a minor, i.e. younger than 18, but at least 16 years

9 Advantages of the settlement permit

The settlement permit offers countless advantages for you and your family, but most importantly, it allows you to stay in Germany permanently. This means that the settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence and is associated with considerably more rights than a mere residence

Settlement permit for trainees & students

If you have a training position in Germany or are studying here, you should definitely also apply for a settlement permit (an article about the many advantages of a settlement permit can be found here). For this, you must fulfill various requirements, which can basically

How much money I have to earn for the settlement permit

One of the requirements for a settlement permit is a secure livelihood. When exactly your livelihood is considered secure by German authorities, you can find out in this article. Exactly how much you need to earn is not easy to answer, because the authority makes

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