I. Power of attorney

Immediately after booking, you will receive a power of attorney from the responsible lawyer. This power of attorney is necessary because the lawyer may not file the application for the settlement permit without a power of attorney. You will receive a link from the lawyer via which you can easily sign the power of attorney online. The power of attorney lands automatically and digitally in the lawyer’s office system. You don’t have to print anything, mail anything, or bring anything to the attorney in person. Since we want to obtain the settlement permit for you as quickly as possible, we have greatly optimized all processes. In this way, we guarantee that you will usually receive your settlement permit after only 3 months.

II. request

After the attorney has received the power of attorney, he or she determines the responsible immigration authority. The lawyer prepares the application for a settlement permit and sends it to the competent foreigners authority. In addition, by enclosing a lawyer’s acknowledgement of receipt, the lawyer shall ensure that receipt of the written application is acknowledged by the immigration authorities. This ensures that the immigration authorities do not remain idle and must process the application within 3 months.

III. documents

After the Foreigners’ Registration Office has received the application for the settlement permit, it informs the lawyer which documents are needed for the application procedure. You will receive an email from the lawyer afterwards. The e-mail lists individually which documents we need. After receipt of the documents, we send them on again to the responsible foreigners authority in a legally secure manner.

IV. Contacting authorities and other bodies

In addition to the application for a settlement permit, numerous authorities and other agencies must be contacted. As a rule, the following steps must be adopted:


First of all, it must be ensured that the revocation or withdrawal procedure of the BAMF is terminated. Unfortunately, without a lawyer, applications for a settlement permit are regularly not processed, as the BAMF sometimes takes years to complete the procedure. Immediately after the application is filed, the lawyer requests the BAMF to terminate the procedure and has the confirmation sent to him. The confirmation of termination is then forwarded directly to the relevant immigration authority.

2. german pension insurance

As a rule, up to 60 months must be paid into the German pension insurance scheme for the settlement permit to be granted. For this purpose, the German pension insurance is requested by the lawyer to send the pension notification. After the pension notification has been checked, it is forwarded to the relevant immigration authority. If the requirement is not necessary in your case, e.g. because you are a trainee or student or because you have been granted refugee status in the asylum decision, then this requirement does not apply.

3. security authorities

Extensive security checks must be completed in order to obtain a settlement permit. In this context, all security authorities (Federal Criminal Police Office, State Criminal Police Office, Office for the Protection of the Constitution, etc.) must be contacted. Without the feedback of the security authorities, the settlement permit may not be issued.

V. Legal disputes with the immigration authorities

After all documents have been checked and submitted, the Foreigners’ Registration Office informs us whether the settlement permit can be issued. Regularly, the biggest problems arise at this point. The Foreigners’ Registration Office communicates reasons why the settlement permit is not granted. Again and again, we experience that foreigners authorities reject applications without a lawyer, even though the requirements are met. Typical errors in the context are:

  • student has not paid pension insurance contributions (=false)
  • Trainee has not paid pension insurance contributions (=false)
  • Employment contract is temporary (=false)
  • Rental space is too small (=false)
  • pension insurance contributions must be paid despite refugee status (=false)
  • Language certificate B2 is required (=false)
  • Rejection due to minor criminal record (=false)
  • Application time is not counted in the context of the asylum application (=false)
  • Forecast decision for students and trainees is negative (=false)
  • students and trainees have no income (=false)
  • Rejection because of country of origin (=false)
  • the identity has not been sufficiently proven (=false)
  • Documents are missing that have already been submitted (=false)

We solve these problems and enforce your claim for a settlement permit. Without a lawyer, most foreigners fail at this point.

VI. appointment in foreigners office

After all problems are solved, we will get you an appointment at the Immigration Office. In the appointment you will give your signature, a biometric photo and other biometric data. Immediately after the appointment, the settlement permit card is put into print. After about 4-6 weeks you will receive the settlement permit card and finally have a permanent right of residence.

VII. conclusion

The effort to obtain the settlement permit is sometimes enormous. Since we have already successfully carried out hundreds of procedures, we know the problems that arise and can thus solve them efficiently.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

New law for tolerance permit (Duldung) !

Livestream with lawyer Fabian Graske

On Wednesday, 19.10.2022 at 18:00 o’clock the German Bundestag decides on a law so that tolerated foreigners in Germany get a right of residence faster. Attorney Fabian Graske comments in this livestream for Migrando if and when the law comes into force.

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