Your advantages:

Individual advice from our experts in the law on foreigners

  • We will answer all your questions!
    • You will be told what requirements you need to meet.
    • You will be told how the application process works and how long it takes.
    • We take care of the whole procedure so that you get the settlement permit.

legally secure application from the lawyer

  • Application will be sent after review within 7 days after assignment
  • Legal support throughout the entire application process
  • preferential appointment guarantee for your visit at the immigration office
  • Acceleration of the application procedure pursuant to Section 75 of the Administrative Court Code
  • Application from the lawyer is processed faster than without a lawyer
  • Receipt and processing guarantee by lawyer’s acknowledgement of receipt
  • Submission of copies of all relevant documents (asylum decision, employment contract, proof of salary, language certificate, etc.)
  • Handling of the withdrawal / revocation procedure vis-à-vis the BAMF
  • Legal justification and enforcement efforts for negative feedback in the application process.

File processing before the application wave from June 2021 onwards

  • Completion of legal obligations before the start of the application wave from June 2021 onwards

The process:

  1. Book product “Settlement Permit” conveniently online.
  2. Pay price immediately so that we can start directly.
  3. Submit personal data and documents to us.
  4. Personal consultation with our experts in aliens law
  5. We prepare and send the lawyer’s application to the authority.
  6. We will arrange an appointment for you at the Foreigners’ Registration Office to obtain the settlement permit.