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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

The settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence. With the settlement permit, you can legally reside in Germany forever. Once you have been granted a settlement permit, you can no longer be deported from Germany. In addition, your right of residence no longer has to be extended at the Aliens’ Registration Office. Only the card must be renewed every 4 – 10 years.

Yes. Legally, there are no longer any reasons why you cannot travel to your home country. For refugees in particular, travel to the home country is no longer prohibited, as you no longer have a right of residence on humanitarian grounds.

In principle, you can travel to all countries. However, the Aliens Department will not issue you a national passport. If you do not have a valid national passport or a valid passport replacement, you will be allowed to travel abroad, but entering and leaving a non-EU country will be practically impossible. In case of passport problems, it is recommended to apply for naturalization (German passport) as soon as possible.

Children can obtain the settlement permit from the age of 16 under very simple conditions. Before the age of 16, the issuance of the settlement permit is not possible. If your children are younger than 16, you should check whether your children can be naturalized. This is already possible with the birth, as far as all prerequisites according to the Nationality Act are present.

As long as you are at least 16 years old, you can receive the settlement permit if all requirements are met.

In principle, you can obtain the settlement permit. As a rule, trainees and students can also obtain a settlement permit if their livelihood is secured, for example, by BAföG or BAB and no or too few pension insurance contributions have been paid.

It depends. If you have been sentenced to a fine of more than 90 daily rates or to imprisonment, the issuance of the settlement permit is regularly possible only after 5-10 years.

Yes! There are no longer any residence law concerns in the case.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

New law for tolerance permit (Duldung) !

Livestream with lawyer Fabian Graske

On Wednesday, 19.10.2022 at 18:00 o’clock the German Bundestag decides on a law so that tolerated foreigners in Germany get a right of residence faster. Attorney Fabian Graske comments in this livestream for Migrando if and when the law comes into force.

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