Documents successfully transmitted to the lawyer

Thank you for signing the documents. We have attached the mandate documents for your information. The lawyer will now start with your mandate.

What steps is the lawyer taking now?

You don’t have to do anything at the moment, we just want to let you know what tasks the lawyer will solve in the next few weeks so that you can get the settlement permit as soon as possible.

  1. The lawyer submits the application for the settlement permit to the competent foreigners authority.
  2. The lawyer will send you a copy of the application for your information. You will receive a file number from the attorney.
  3. The attorney receives the attorney’s receipt from the immigration office. This document ensures that the application has been made legally binding.
  4. The aliens’ registration office will inform the lawyer which documents are to be submitted.
  5. The lawyer will send you an email with documents that the immigration office needs. Please email copies of all requested documents to the attorney as soon as possible and in full.
  6. The lawyer forwards copies of all relevant documents to the responsible immigration authorities in a legally secure manner.
  7. The lawyer contacts various other authorities to obtain the application for the settlement permit.
  8. The lawyer solves legal problems as far as the foreigners authority does not want to approve the application immediately.
  9. The lawyer will inform you of an appointment at the immigration office. At this appointment you must bring a biometric passport photo and sign the settlement permit. You can’t miss this appointment! The Foreigners’ Registration Office then prints the settlement permit.
  10. approx. 6 weeks after the appointment at the Foreigners’ Registration Office you will receive the settlement permit card directly from the Foreigners’ Registration Office.

The law firm takes care of everything.

Please check your email inbox regularly from now on so that the application process is not delayed. If the lawyer needs information from you, he will contact you by e-mail.

Ihre Daten werden an den Rechtsanwalt übermittelt

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