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Find out more about the development of Graske Rechtsanwälte and its future changes.

Migrando Lawyers

We would like to inform you that the law firm of attorney Fabian Graske is now operating under the name "Migrando Rechtsanwälte". This name change has no effect on existing or future mandates. It is merely an adjustment to the name of the law firm, while the corporate form of the law firm remains unchanged.

Our law firm has now fully specialized in specialists in Germany. In future, our law firm will only accept mandates that come via the platform All visitors to our old homepage will be redirected to


I am a client in the Immigration law

Nothing has changed for you. Only the name of the law firm has changed. All mandates will be handled by us as usual. If you have any questions about the status of the proceedings, please contact us as usual, preferably by e-mail.

I am a client in other areas of law

As far as regular clients are concerned, we will continue the mandate as usual. In particular, poker players who are already clients will continue to be advised by Fabian Graske. New mandates will not be accepted in this context. If you have any questions about the status of the proceedings or follow-up mandates, please contact Fabian Graske as usual, preferably by e-mail, stating your file number.


We answer your questions

Our law firm will support you as usual in the event of an assignment. If you do not know us yet, you are welcome to contact us via the following channels:





In recent years, our law firm has specialized strongly in (prospective) foreign skilled workers. Currently, we mainly help clients to obtain permanent residence rights or German citizenship. Our law firm works closely with the company Migrando , which has its own platform at . The renaming is intended to prevent misunderstandings during the assignment.

No, it is still the law firm of lawyer Fabian Graske. Only the name has been changed to "Migrando Rechtsanwälte" to make it easier to find.

Our office is still in Cottbus. Due to the expansion, we have merely moved within Cottbus to Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 1, 03046 Cottbus.

Our law firm has been working at Immigration law for many years. In order to offer the best possible quality, the law firm has decided to no longer offer any other areas of law or to only provide legal services that can be found here.

Unfortunately, time is up!

Unfortunately, you have exceeded the allotted time. Unanswered questions are considered incorrect. You have 1 hour to complete the naturalization test.