Applying for a settlement permit – What to look out for in your application

A settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence, which is neither limited in time nor in place. This means you can stay here forever and have almost the same rights as Germans. We will go into more detail about the many advantages of a settlement permit in another article. Today we will explain how to apply for the settlement permit, what problems can arise and how Migrando solves them for you.


How to apply for the settlement permit

If you want something from German authorities (such as the Foreigners’ Registration Office), you usually have to fill out an application form. Such forms are often difficult to understand. Particularly for people who do not yet have a perfect command of the German language, problems with the application process therefore arise time and again. There is a risk that you forget something or fill it out incorrectly. Migrando therefore offers you the opportunity to apply for a settlement permit quickly and easily with the help of our team of experts. To do so, simply takeour free test here .

Necessary documents

The documents you need to submit in individual cases can vary greatly. This depends, among other things, on which foreigners authority is responsible for you and on which legal basis your settlement permit is to be based. Due to our years of practical experience, we are now very familiar with the various immigration authorities and their preferences and know exactly which documents need to be submitted in your situation.

Therefore, a blanket answer cannot be given here either.

However, as a rule, the following documents are required:

  • valid passport
  • current biometric photo
    (Frontal shot with neutral facial expression; more info here).
  • Proof of income
    (employment contract, employer’s certificate, salary statements, pension insurance history, any tax or pension statements).
  • Proof of sufficient living space
    (Rental contract or purchase contract with details of living space and monthly rent or housing costs)
  • Proof of your health insurance coverage
    (Confirmation of insurance coverage from the statutory health insurance fund or, in the case of privately insured persons, proof of contribution payments, e.g. by bank statements)
  • Proof of pension provision
    (pension information from the German Pension Insurance or proof from another comparable insurance or pension institution)
  • Certificate for the integration course
    (confirmation of participation or certificate of successful participation)
  • If applicable, proof of receipt of other benefits
    (If you receive other benefits such as child benefit, parental allowance, childcare allowance or similar, you must submit the notices)

What if I am missing documents?

We experience it again and again that clients do not have a valid national passport, do not have a written rental contract from the landlord or the integration test “Test – Living in Germany” has not yet been passed successfully. We almost always find a way to replace the missing documents or provide them late. Do not be afraid if you are currently missing documents.

Settlement permit application (sample)

You can see here how an application form usually looks like.

Settlement Permit Application PDF

PDF – Application for settlement permit

More questions

Migrando specializes in helping you apply for a settlement permit. Our experts in immigration law therefore receive countless questions on this topic every day. For this reason, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions for you here.

When can I submit the application?

It is best to apply for a settlement permit immediately if you meet the requirements. These are very different and, above all, depend on many factors. We are therefore unable to give a blanket answer. In principle, the German legislator requires a residence period of 5 years. In individual cases, however, you can apply for a settlement permit after only 2 or 3 years. So if you came to Germany before 2016, you should definitely look into the settlement permit.

What requirements do I have to meet?

In order to obtain a permanent right of residence, you must meet several requirements.
These are regulated in the Residence Act. However, because this is very complex, we at Migrando have developed a test that will tell you if there is a claim in your case. You can find this free test here.

You can find more information on the individual requirements on our website, in particular in our blog posts.
*Here* we explain, for example, how you can obtain a settlement permit as a trainee.

Where must the application be submitted?

The application for a settlement permit must be received in writing by the Aliens’ Registration Office of your main place of residence. So it is important that you send the documents to the authority responsible for you. If you meet all the requirements and have submitted the application correctly, they will receive the settlement permit in the form of a check card with additional electronic functions.

Can I apply for a settlement permit with one form for my entire family?

No, an extra form must be filled out for each family member for whom a settlement permit is to be applied for. The application is regulated in § 81 AufenthG.

When do I get the settlement permit?
We check for you according to which legal regulation you can obtain the settlement permit the fastest and easiest way. Let us advise you!

What does a settlement permit cost?

The permanent right of residence will cost you between 100 – 150 € per person. Here, too, a distinction is made between the various legal bases, which is why different prices are quoted. As a rule, the cost of a settlement permit is €113. Highly qualified persons, on the other hand, pay €147 and self-employed persons €124. The fees are based on § 44 AufenthV .

For minors are in § 50 para. 1 Residence Ordinance Special arrangements established. According to § 50 para. 1 p. 1, only 50% of the costs are incurred for children.

How long does the processing take?

Currently, without the help of Migrando, you have to wait about 12 months for the decision of the Aliens Department. This can become a problem for you if, for example, your professional situation changes during this time (job change, job loss or short-time work) or you need a settlement permit as soon as possible for other important reasons (such as family planning).

Why is the processing time expected to exceed 1 year soon?

Since the year 2015, a large number of foreigners came to Germany. Since a permanent right of residence can generally be applied for after 5 years, the Foreigners’ Registration Office is expecting an enormous wave of applications soon. Therefore, there is a threat of a complete overload of the foreigners authorities, which will most likely extend your waiting time enormously. Also in view of political developments in Germany, it is advisable to apply for the settlement permit as soon as possible. Due to the upcoming elections this year and current political trends, a U-turn in refugee policy cannot be ruled out. After that, it could become significantly more difficult for you to get a permanent residence permit for Germany.

Application settlement permit duration

Why does Migrando help you get your settlement permit faster?

If you make the application with the help of Migrando, our lawyers will be at your side. These can file a suit for failure to act after only 3 months and thus sue for a decision by the foreigners authority. Your waiting time will be extremely shortened and you will quickly and safely obtain your permanent right of residence.

Why are applications rejected without Migrando?

As mentioned above, the foreigners authorities have been extremely overburdened since 2015. This means that the employees of the authorities often do not know every detail of the complex legal situation in the law on foreigners. Our lawyers, who have been working in this field for years, will stand up for your rights and clarify such problems for you directly with the immigration authorities. As a result, Migrando has been able to help many people reach their destination.

What happens if my application is rejected?

If your application has been rejected by the immigration office, it is important to seek advice from an expert.

Our lawyers in residence law can first check whether the rejection was lawful. If this is not the case, they can file a reasoned objection directly with the authority or, for reasons of effectiveness, submit a new application. Through years of experience in the field of residence law and previous legal disputes with the BAMF and various foreigners authorities, we know which exceptions of the AufenthG may apply in your case.


To apply for a settlement permit, a written application must be submitted to the relevant foreigners authority. However, many mistakes can happen in the process. At Migrando, we want to help you avoid them and successfully enforce your rights.

Advantages of applying for a settlement permit through Migrando:

  1. No errors when filling out the application
  2. Enormously accelerated procedure
  3. Uncomplicated process
  4. If necessary, judicial enforcement of your claim

If you would like to benefit from our experience, we would be happy to check your individual requirements. To do so, first take our free test here.

You still have questions?
Take advantage of our free consultation! Our experts will answer all your questions in a free consultation and will check how you can obtain your permanent right of residence as quickly as possible.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

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On Wednesday, 19.10.2022 at 18:00 o’clock the German Bundestag decides on a law so that tolerated foreigners in Germany get a right of residence faster. Attorney Fabian Graske comments in this livestream for Migrando if and when the law comes into force.

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