9 Advantages of the settlement permit

The settlement permit offers countless advantages for you and your family, but most importantly, it allows you to stay in Germany permanently. This means that the settlement permit is an unlimited right of residence and is associated with considerably more rights than a mere residence permit.


With the help of our free test, you can easily apply for a settlement permit. In this article we explain why you should definitely do so and what exactly the advantages of a settlement permit are for you.

1. advantage: secured residence in Germany

Unlike a settlement permit, a mere residence permit can be withdrawn at any time or made subject to certain conditions (such as training). Should Germany, for example, suddenly come to the conclusion that your country of origin is safe and poses no danger to you due to current global political developments? In this case, it is quite possible that your right of residence will no longer apply and you will have to leave Germany. It is only possible for the other party to withdraw a settlement permit in extremely exceptional cases (for example, in the case of false statements or particularly serious criminal proceedings). They can therefore feel safe in Germany and no longer have to fear sudden deportation.

2nd advantage: Facilitated family reunification

One of the most important advantages for separated families is the facilitated family reunification. Due to the entry quota, you as a beneficiary of subsidiary protection may have great problems bringing your spouse and/or children to Germany. This is because, according to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, there is only a limited quota of 1,000 people per month who are allowed to travel behind to Germany. Considering the enormously high numbers of refugees, this is significantly low.

Gem. § 29 para. 1 No. 1 AufenthG, this problem is settled with the settlement permit. The more difficult entry requirements for your family therefore no longer apply once you are in possession of a settlement permit.

Facilitated family reunification through the settlement permit

3. advantage: better credit rating

Another advantage of the unlimited right of residence, which should not be neglected, becomes clear when taking out loans. If you only have a right of temporary residence in Germany, no bank will grant you a loan. It would be too uncertain whether you could actually pay it back. After all, it could happen at any time that you have to leave Germany (for the reasons mentioned above). A settlement permit entitles you to stay in Germany permanently and increases your chances of getting a loan from the bank enormously.

A loan allows you to make major investments, such as buying a home or starting your own business.

4. advantage: travel permit

The settlement permit gives you complete freedom of movement. This means you can not only travel within Germany without restrictions, but also finally leave the country without any problems and return. The only important thing is that you do not leave for more than 6 months or with the intention to emigrate. Business trips, vacations and visits to other countries would thus finally be permitted again through possession of the settlement permit. Upon application, you can even leave Germany for more than 6 months.

A particular advantage of this is that you may travel to your country of origin at any time without losing your residency in Germany.

One advantage of the unlimited right of residence is unrestricted travel.

5. advantage: unrestricted work in Germany

A settlement permit also entitles you to work in Germany. Accordingly, you can easily change your job without having to notify the Foreigners’ Registration Office. This means that the permanent residence title is not dependent on a job!

In addition, you can now easily start your own business and, for example, fulfill your dream of owning your own restaurant or take up other gainful employment. In this case, too, it is no longer necessary to report to the Foreigners’ Registration Office.

6. advantage: no earmarking

As mentioned above, a right of residence can be purpose-bound. This means that if the purpose (for example, marriage, study or training) ceases to exist, the permission to remain in Germany also expires. They would then have to leave the country. This cannot happen to you with a settlement permit, since one of the great advantages is that the unlimited residence title is not tied to a specific purpose. It would remain in place in such a case.

7. advantage: secure planning for the future

Last but not least, the settlement permit also gives you a certain degree of planning security with regard to your future. They can finally arrive in Germany properly and no longer have to worry about having to give up everything here again. Free from fears, you can create a new home for yourself and your family and offer you true prospects for the future, strengthen friendships and fully leave the past behind.

More security in family planning through the settlement permit

8. advantage: no more waiting at the immigration office

Another advantage of the settlement permit is that you now have almost the same rights as a German and therefore do not have to sit at the foreigners authority all the time. You waste less time in waiting rooms and save valuable nerves. With the settlement permit, you were largely spared the incessant disputes with the authorities.

9. advantage: security in the event of political developments

A new government will be elected in Germany this year. Due to the current political movements in our country, it is not unlikely that a stricter refugee policy will prevail here afterwards. This means that laws could soon change to your disadvantage, e.g. refugees could be deported more easily in the future or the receipt of a settlement permit could be linked to tougher conditions. To the extent that the AFD’s poll numbers continue to rise, this risk is enormous.

If you already have a settlement permit at this time, your stay in Germany is also secured against this.

When do I get the settlement permit?
We check for you according to which legal regulation you can obtain the settlement permit the fastest and easiest way. Let us advise you!

Summary – Advantages settlement permit

The settlement permit therefore not only allows you to stay in Germany for an unlimited period of time and saves you the hassle of going to the Foreigners’ Registration Office, but it can also help you and your family to finally arrive in Germany completely. In addition to being permanent, it is also geographically unrestricted and entitles you to engage in gainful employment, which means that you are free to pursue all professional opportunities in Germany. With the unlimited residence status, you receive at the same time a secure future for yourself and your family and almost all the rights of a German.

Finally, here is an overview of the most important advantages of the settlement permit:

  1. A secure and permanent residence
    The settlement permit is the best permanent right of residence.
  2. Simplified family reunification
    The settlement permit makes it significantly easier for you to bring your family to Germany.
  3. Finally, you can take out loans
    Loans allow you to make larger investments, such as buying a house.
  4. Free to enter and leave Germany whenever you want
    Finally, you are allowed to travel to any country in the world, including your home country.
  5. Legal in Germany and abroad arbeit
    They can change their job or start a business without any problems.
  6. The permit is not bound to any purpose
    The settlement permit does not simply cease to exist when studies, training or marriage ends.
  7. Planning security for the future
    A major advantage lies in the future prospects that you receive with the settlement permit
  8. No more appointments at the Foreigners’ Registration Office
    With permanent residence status, you are largely spared the need to go to the Foreigners’ Registration Office.
  9. No more fear of deportation
    With very special exceptions, your permanent settlement permit cannot be taken away from you again.

So if you want to stay in Germany permanently and also want to use all these advantages for yourself, we recommend our free test for the settlement permit.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

Use our simple callback service. We will then contact you as quickly as we can, to help! Or leave us a message so that we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

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