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11 great benefits of naturalization (Einbürgerung)

Die Einbürgerung öffnet die Tür für viele Vorteile für Sie und Ihre Familie. Entdecken Sie, welche Rechte mit einer deutschen Staatsbürgerschaft und einem deutschen Pass auf Sie warten und warum die Einbürgerung in Deutschland so wertvoll ist. Dieser Blogartikel zeigt Ihnen, weshalb der Entschluss Deutscher zu werden, viele positive Wirkungen hat.
Fabian Graske
Fabian Graske

Table of contents

1.Advantage: You are a German citizen

With a successful naturalization (Einbürgerung) you are a German citizen. This means: According to Art 116 GG you are a German in the sense of the Basic Law. You are legally no longer a immigrant and now have all the rights and obligations of a German citizen and are absolutely equal to other German citizens. These rights include, for example, the right to freedom of movement, the right of assembly and many other important rights that make your life in Germany easier.

2. advantage: the deportation is no longer possible

Before naturalization (Einbürgerung), there is the uncertainty of perhaps being deported to the home country after all. As soon as you are a German citizen, this worry is over for you! Art 16 GG clearly states that a German cannot be extradited to a country abroad. You are no longer in danger of being deported to your country of origin.

Auf dem Bild ist eine Familie auf einer Brücke zu sehen. Die Kinder laufen auf ihre Eltern zu. Im Hintergrund befindet sich eine grüne Landschaft

3. advantage: family reunification is easier

The better the residence title, the fewer problems you will have with a planned family reunification. As a German citizen, your chances of having your family join you quickly are much greater than with any other residence title. Due to many applications for family reunification, the importance of the residence title or even better the successful naturalization (Einbürgerung) is a very important indicator in the decision of the authorities. Be it siblings, parents, cousins – the planned family reunification will be easier for you with a German citizenship than before.

When do I get German citizenship?

We check for you according to which legal regulation you can be naturalized most quickly. Let us advise you!

4.Advantage: You can take out loans

With a German passport, applying for credit is much easier than before. With a temporary residence permit, no bank in Germany will give you a loan. However, you usually need a loan to be able to buy a house or an apartment for your family, for example. If you are a German citizen and meet all other requirements for applying for a loan, the likelihood of your loan being approved is high .

5. advantage: your entry and exit is always possible

You can move freely around the world as a German and have the right to always enter and leave Germany for life. With the German passport you can visit over 190 countries in the world without a visa. In many cases, this eliminates the hassle of applying for visas before you travel. You are also no longer subject to the six-month obligation after which you must return to Germany in order not to lose your residence title. With the successful naturalization (Einbürgerung) you cannot be deported and you cannot lose your residence permit anymore.

6. advantage: a permanent departure from Germany is possible

With a German passport you can leave Germany as often and as long as you want. You no longer have to comply with requirements such as the six-month obligation after which you are required to return to Germany. You may enter Germany at any time and will not be prevented from returning or entering Germany regardless of the length of your absence.

7.Advantage: You no longer need a work permit

With naturalization (Einbürgerung), the fundamental right to freedom of movement applies to you. According to Art 12 GG, you as a German have the right to freely decide which profession you will pursue and can freely choose your workplace and educational institution. You can sign an employment contract anywhere and start working and you don’t have to get anything approved by the foreigner’s registration office (Ausländerbehörde). With the German passport you also have the possibility to look for a job or study in any other EU member country and to move your center of life there.

Auf dem Bild ist eine Deutschlandfahne vor dem Reichstagsgebäude in Berlin zu sehen. Der Himmel im Hintergrund ist blau

8. advantage: you have planning security

Before naturalization (Einbürgerung), the uncertainty of not being deported after all will always play in the back of your mind. Long-term life planning is not possible under such conditions. With a citizenship, this uncertainty is over for you once and for all. You can now plan your own future and the future of your family in peace and without worries, and you will not be under pressure or faced with uncertainty because of your residence title. The German passport is the solution for you to have more planning security.

9. advantage: EU rights are automatically considered a German citizen

As a German citizen, your German citizenship automatically makes you an EU citizen. Therefore, all rights and obligations apply to you as to any other EU citizen. You can settle in any EU country and move your center of life to any EU member state. The same rights apply to you as to other citizens of the respective EU member state. They have no disadvantages when looking for housing or choosing a profession, and they have a much freer range of movement than before naturalization (Einbürgerung).

10.Advantage: Once German Always German

The sentence is as simple as it sounds: Once a German, always a German. No one can revoke their citizenship and naturalization (Einbürgerung) once it has been granted. Of course, you should never commit crimes, but this applies to every other German citizen as well. It is not possible to revoke your citizenship. The right not to be deprived of your citizenship is enshrined in Article 16 of the Basic Law.

Auf dem Bild sind zwei Wahlbriefe in rosa auf dunklem Grund zu sehen

11. advantage: you can engage in politics and vote

With naturalization (Einbürgerung) you can invoke the freedom of assembly according to Art 8 GG and participate in meetings and demonstrations. The only addition is that no weapons may be carried or used. According to Art 9 GG you have the possibility to participate or get involved in politics. So you can join a party or even form a party yourself and also run for political office. With a naturalization (Einbürgerung), your German citizenship gives you the right to vote in local, state and federal elections in Germany. This right is set forth in Section 12 of the Federal Election Act. The decisive factor here is that you have reached the age of 18 in accordance with Art 38 GG.

Summary – Advantages naturalization (Einbürgerung)

In this video clip you will again get the most important advantages of naturalization (Einbürgerung) explained:

As you can see, naturalization (Einbürgerung) has a lot of advantages for you. Attached again is the written summary of the benefits of naturalization (Einbürgerung):

  1. You
    are a German citizen
    With naturalization (Einbürgerung) you are legally a German citizen and have the same rights as any other German citizen.
  2. No more deportation possible
    With a naturalization (Einbürgerung) you can legally no longer be deported to your country of origin. So you do not have to worry about delivery.
  3. Easier family reunification
    With a naturalization (Einbürgerung) you have even better chances for family reunification of your relatives than with all other residence titles.
  4. Borrowing possible
    With a naturalization (Einbürgerung), if you meet all other requirements, you can successfully borrow from a bank to buy a house or apartment, for example.
  5. Entry and exit always possible
    With naturalization (Einbürgerung), you can enter and leave Germany at any time, for as long and as often as you like. You can also travel to over 190 countries visa-free.
  6. Permanent departure from Germany is possible
    With naturalization (Einbürgerung), you no longer have to abide by the 6-month rule, as with other residence titles. You can travel abroad for as long as you like and as long as it is necessary for you.
  7. No more need for a work permit
    With naturalization (Einbürgerung), you can fall back on the right to freedom of movement. You can decide for yourself which profession to pursue and which employer or training provider to choose.
  8. More planning security for you
    naturalization (Einbürgerung) offers more planning security. The worry that you might be deported is gone. You can plan the future of you and your family in peace.
  9. EU rights automatically as a German citizen
    With naturalization (Einbürgerung) and the German citizenship that comes with it, you are automatically an EU citizen and enjoy the rights and obligations of an EU citizen.
  10. Once a German always a German
    You cannot lose your German citizenship. Article 16 of the German Basic Law assures you of this.
  11. You can get involved in politics and vote
    With naturalization (Einbürgerung), you can attend meetings, get involved in politics and run for political office. You can also vote in elections in Germany
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FAQ – Questions and answers about the benefits of naturalization (Einbürgerung).

No, as a German you cannot be deported to your country of origin. You no longer have to fear deportation.

The rule is: once a German, always a German. Withdrawal of German citizenship is not possible.

You can leave and re-enter Germany with a German passport as often as you want. They will not be prevented from entering or leaving the country.

With a German passport you are automatically an EU citizen. You can enjoy all the rights and obligations of an EU citizen and, for example, settle and establish your center of life anywhere in the EU.

Yes, you can then participate in elections in Germany as a German citizen and have a say in the decision-making process.

With the acquisition of German citizenship, freedom rights apply to you. These freedoms also include the right to choose which profession to pursue.

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